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Teach / Volunteer

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Could This be You?

  • Do you have a heart for reaching children with the Gospel?
  • Do you have teaching experience?
  • Would like to learn how to teach children?
  • Are you growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ?
  • Would you like to learn how to tell a compelling story?

We are praying to the Lord that He would send out more laborers into the harvest field to reach more children with the Gospel. We need teachers!  Perhaps you are an answer to our prayers.  Will you join us in reaching the world's most fruitful mission field - the children?

We offer Training events for local churches. Training options  include:  Teaching a Bible lesson, Counseling a child for salvation, Teaching a memory verse or song and Orderly classrooms.

We Offer Powerful Teacher Training
Teaching Children Effectively (TCE™) Level 1 is designed to offer a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching children. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the course provides the methods and procedures to lead children to Christ and immediately equips the believer to begin and sustain a ministry where he (she) lives. Our teacher training is a valuable tool for training teachers for CEF Clubs or for Sunday School or other Christian Education settings.  Check out our calendar for upcoming training opportunities.

OK, So You Wouldn’t be Comfortable Being a Teacher...
...Could This be You?

  • We have a wide-range of ways you could serve.
  • Do you have a heart for serving and loving children?
  • Could you help prepare a snack?
  • Could you drive a Van?
  • Would you be willing to stuff newsletter envelopes?
  • Could you take attendance and help with record keeping?

If you could help in any of the above areas your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We need helpers, servants and volunteers.  You could be the answer to our prayers?  Will you joining us in helping to reach children with the Gospel by serving their needs?

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Click here to download the forms you will need to be a
Teacher or a Volunteer

Our forms may seem like we are asking for a lot of information.  It may seem like we expect a lot of our helpers, teachers and volunteers - and we do.  We take very seriously our job of creating safe environments for the children.

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