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Teen Missionaries


What are the Requirements?

  • Must be 14 years of age or older
  • Must be a growing Christian
  • Have a desire to work with children
  • Satisfactorily complete the entire two weeks of training
  • Be available to serve for at least 4-6 weeks of ministry with CEF

What is a
5-Day Club?

A one-hour program held in homes, apartment complexes, day care centers, YMCA’s or


churches.  Each day the children hear a Bible story and a continued missionary story along with learning a Bible verse, singing songs and playing review games.  Some areas meet for additional time and include active games.

When Does It All Begin?

Training at Roxbury Holiness Camp near Chambersburg, PA occurs in mid June.  The second week of training is held here in the local area   The summer missionary serves from the beginning of July to the first or second week  of August.

If you participate in CYIA, you will be a missionary and you will raise support as a missionary.  The cost of the training is approximately $400, which includes a school curriculum kit. The base compensation during the final six club weeks is $150 per week. (The total support you will raise is $1500). We will help guide you through the support raising process.

CYIA Overview

You can make a Difference...
...in the lives of America’s 50 million unchurched children! Every year two-thirds of all children under the age of fourteen never attend a church or a Sunday school.  Christian Youth in Action is exactly
what it says!  The Video below shows you what our local missionaries did in a typical summer!

Click here to download the Application form to apply be a CYIA Summer Missionary.

Application and registration must be in to the office in  Altoona by May 21, 2015

Office: 1616C East Pleasant Valley Blvd.,    Altoona, PA   16602-7308
Phone:  (814) 942-5222            Fax: (814) 942-5224            Email: info@cefsouthcentralpa.org

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